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  • Almalight

    Almalight, lamp manufacturer, Almalight design, enter our page and discover all the models of the Almalight brand

  • Architech

    Italian manufacturer of office lighting led high performance products include between Parma projectors with LED COB technologies, LED recessed venezia.

  • Ares lighting systems

    Marca iltaliano lighting with prescence in Spain, has a acatalo ilminacion indoor and one outdoor, exta latter has positioned the brand on the site that is thanks to their design and quality.

  • Arkos Light

    Almalight, lamp manufacturer, Almalight design, enter our page and discover all the models of the Almalight brand

  • Artemide

    Headquartered in Pregnana Milan, Artemide Group has an "ample international distribution presence is accented with brand dealerships in major cities around the world.

  • Arturo Alvarez

    Arturo Alvarez is a Spanish lighting brand recognized for its artisanal approach and innovative design. Founded by the designer of the same name, the brand stands out for its unique lighting fixtures, which combine traditional materials with contemporary techniques to create bright and expressive environments.

  • B-lux

    B.lux is a Spanish lighting company recognized for its contemporary design and functionality. Based in the Basque Country, the brand combines innovation and quality in its products, offering versatile and stylish lighting solutions for residential and commercial spaces.

  • Bomma

    Discover the magic of blown glass with Bomma. Our lamps, made in the Czech Republic, combine traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design to offer you unique pieces that will illuminate your home with incomparable elegance and style.

  • Bover

    Bover is a Spanish lighting brand known for its contemporary design and quality craftsmanship. Based in Barcelona, ​​Bover combines natural materials with innovative technology to create elegant and functional luminaires that stand out for their style and sophistication.
  • BPM lighting

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    Manufacturer led by Philippe Cazier et Frédéric Winkler, which are inspired by everyday without leaving the current design, creating pieces that will last over time

  • Delightfull

    DelightFULL is a Portuguese lighting brand that combines retro style with modern design.

  • Delta Light

    Delta Light è un marchio belga di illuminazione leader nel design contemporaneo.

  • Diesel With Foscarini

    Collection of lighting fixtures designed by Foscarini in collaboration with Diesel, thus combining the design of Italian lamps with some of the clothing brand's materials.

  • Estiluz

    Buy Lamps Estiluz design at the best price and high quality latiendadeiluminacion.com, come browse and discover wonderful lamps

  • Exenia

    Italian manufacturer with lamps of casual design in its decorative catalog and technical lighting for stores and shops

    In many of its lamps there is the possibility to change the tone of LED 2700k / 3000k / 4000k

  • Faro Barcelona.

    Faro Barcelona is a renowned Spanish company dedicated to the design, manufacturing and marketing of decorative and technical lighting products.

  • Flos

    Flos is a prestigious Italian lighting brand recognized for its innovative design and collaborations with leading international designers.

  • Foscarini

    Foscarini is an Italian lighting brand known for its innovative design and collaborations with leading international designers.

  • Grok

    Grok is the design and decorative brand of LEDS-C4 with a catalog full of lamps with current design

  • I-Led

    I-led is a brand recognized for its innovation in LED lighting. With high quality and energy efficient products, I-led offers modern and stylish solutions for a variety of residential and commercial applications.

  • Icono Lighting

    Valencia-based manufacturer with distribution throughout Spain and the rest of the world.

    Specialized in working with sheet metal for light handmade, so the care in its production make each piece unique.


    Ideal Lux is a manufacturer engaged in the decorative lamps and both indoor and outdoor settled in Italy lighting.

    Luminaires with innovative contemporary designs.

  • iGuzzini

    iGuzzini is a leading Italian lighting brand recognized for its innovation and contemporary design. With a wide range of products ranging from architectural lighting systems to outdoor solutions, iGuzzini is distinguished by its commitment to quality and energy efficiency.

  • Leds C4

    Leds C4 is a manufacturer of lighting solutions able to meet any specific customer need, including an exclusive advisory service, creating and manufacturing solutions.

  • Linea Light

    Buy Linea Light Lamps - Design latiendadeiluminacion.com

  • Lodes

    Lodes is a contemporary lighting company that combines innovative design, advanced technology and craftsmanship.

  • Louis Poulsen

    Louis Poulsen's mission is to design and market unique lighting equipment.

  • Marset

    Marset lighting, decorative lighting manufacturer Barcelona embodied in the design world, including its flagship products can highlight the dicoco suspension.

  • Milán iluminacion

    Milan is a Spanish lighting reference rabricante Technical lighting and decorative.

    In nustra onlines store you can buy lamps Milan at the best price with a broad catalog of sconces , floor lamps , technical ilumiancion, decorative lamps and more.

  • Oluce

    Oluce is a prestigious Italian company that has distinguished itself in the world of lighting design since its foundation in 1945.

  • Onok

    Technical ONOK Lightpresents a wide range of possibilities for your product catalog, offering a great variety ranging from classic and popular products, to the most advanced.

  • Osram

    Osram is a leading global lighting and optoelectronics technology company. Founded in 1919 and based in Germany.

  • Oty Light

    Italino Technical lighting manufacturer with a very careful and homogeneous design.

    Buy Lamps Oty Light design at the best price and high quality latiendadeiluminacion.com, later enter our online store and discover wonderful lamps

  • Philips

    World number one manufacturer of light bulbs of all formats. Philips is a leading global technology company, known for its innovative solutions in lighting, healthcare, consumer products and technology. Its focus on energy efficiency and quality has made Philips a trusted brand around the world.

  • Pujol Iluminación

    Business Spanish lighting manufacturer which has more than 30 years in the industry, their products stand out for their straight lines and by the skill of the manufacturer.

  • Rotaliana

    Italian manufacturer that designs original lamps that combine contemporary icons with tradition and innovation.

    In each product they try to give uniqueness and beauty to create a visual impact.

  • RZB

    A company that began more than 70 years manufacturing electrical consumer goods, has become one of the most influential companies in the European sector of luminaires.

  • Santa & Cole

    For 26 years, Santa & Cole has lived for industrial design, an art consisting of focusing inthe everyday objects to seek a better use experience.

  • Secto Desing

    Secto Design is a Finnish firm specialized in the design and manufacture of high-quality wooden lamps. Renowned for its Scandinavian style and focus on craftsmanship and sustainability, Secto Design offers a collection of elegant and timeless lighting fixtures that add warmth and style to any space.

  • Shelly

    Manufacturer of automation and Wi-Fi control systems for IOT

  • Slamp

    Slamp, a new vision of Italian design with quality lamps.

    New materials, daring designs that characterize the brand.

  • Slide

    Manufacturer of lighting and furniture design iluminable polyethylene Built between their designs illuminatable can find sofas, pots, cones, tables, bars illuminatable events.

  • SLV

    Buy Lamps SLV design at the best price and high quality latiendadeiluminacion.com, later enter our online store and discover wonderful lamps

  • Tom Dixon

    Tom Dixon is a British designer recognized for his contemporary lighting and furniture creations.

  • Troll

    Buy Lamps Troll design at the best price and high quality latiendadeiluminacion.com, later enter our online store and discover wonderful lamps


    Finnish manufacturer with designs that mix natural wood and the latest in lighting and technology.

  • Vesoi

    Italian manufacturer of design lamps.

    Specializing in blown glass designs and contemporary modern style, Vesoi breaks existing design schemes lamps creating a classic / modern fusion

    Decontextualized objects Vesoi its main use, and make the irony of everyday products.

  • Vibia

    VIBIA's mission is to facilitate the identification of each individual with the environment in which they live, work, visit..., providing adequate lighting and inspiring the creative capacity and good taste of consumers and professionals in architecture, interior design and lighting through a unique portfolio of lighting products.

    VIBIA evolves by studying and understanding how people live in their spaces, surprising with appropriate and often unexpected proposals, which contribute to generating the desired sensations.