The teamlatiendadeiluminacion.comis formed by a group ofspecialize in lightingwith extensive experience in the industry that offers a wide range of tools, a largeProduct catalog technical lightingand decorative to create the bestLighting projects. 


All of these tools along with effort, reliability, timeliness, passion and a vocation for the light, make a difference in our customer service.

Proyectos de iluminacion


We work closely with architects and interior designers to create the best spacesadjusting to the lighting and decorative needs of our customers.


Each project involves lighting an adjustment on our part asby style, price and / or technical performance of the project eitherTechnical lightingordecorative lighting.


We use advanced calculation programs to simulate both the light output of the project and its aesthetics, so our customers have the opportunity to participate and understand the outcome of thelighting designeven before it exists.

Diseño de iluminación


We work closely with industry to execute the work of the client,that seek maximum understanding from the outset to achieve the best result.

We understand better than anyone the importance of the execution of the work so we offer advice and lighting installer own installation service for complex installations.


In performLighting projects for restaurants, Bars, hotels, shops and housing in general.

Lighting projects conducted in Bilbao and Lighting projects in Barcelona in person, the rest of the territory pear perform lighting projects remotely through images, maps and renders.