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All purchases made in LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COM be subject to Spanish law and subject to the conditions that you expose below.

Price Lists

All prices shown on the product lists are with VAT included. Prices valid except for typographical errors.

Shipping and delivery

Usually we will ship via our carrier, the delivery time will range between 2 and 8 days after we receive your order from the appropriate factory.

The delivery time will be confirmed via e-mail automatically at checkout.

LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COM always ship items by the carrier and may vary the company, as long as this does not way be detrimental to the client.

Delivery to mainland Spain, Balearic Islands (except Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla and Andorra)

The shipping will be paid by LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COM long as the amount of sales exceeds 200.00 € with taxes, otherwise the postage will be paid by the customer, trying LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COM that the shipping cost is minimized , indicating this customer at the time of purchase.

Delivery to EU Europe (including the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla andAndorra)

The shipping costs will be charged to the customer, trying LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COM that the shipping cost is minimized, indicating this customer at the time of purchase.

Shipping to the rest of the world

The shipping costs will be charged to the customer, trying LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COM that the shipping cost is minimized, indicating this customer at the time of purchase.

Payment methods

* Early Transfer
* Paypal
* Credit card

Product Warranty

LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COM guarantees under applicable law and the following conditions all the products it distributes.

To claim the lack of conformity of the product, the consumer can address both the seller and the product manufacturer. The law establishes a general term of 2 years from the purchase order for the problem to manifest.

If the defect comes to light during the first 6 months from the time of delivery, it is assumed that the fault existed when you bought it and the consumer does not have to prove anything.

However, when the lack of conformity becomes apparent after 6 months and in doubtful cases, the manufacturer may require an independent expert's report to process the warranty. In obvious cases of irregular performance or malfunctions under warranty no problem whatsoever.

In any case, during the time that the consumer is deprived of the product calculating the period of the guarantee is suspended, for example, repairing a hard object 15 days, the warranty period will close 15 days later than originally planned .


Anyone manufacturer that has a higher 2-year warranty makes the current law, must deal directly with the manufacturer is not liable for such supuestosLATIENDADEILUMINACION.COM.


Shipping costs incurred in processing the product warranty will be paid by LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COM in cases where it is assumed that there is a lack of conformity in the goods purchased. It will always be under the instructions of LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COM., Upon application and acceptance.

NOTE: When the customer billed business name (not individual), the shipping costs to our facilities will be provided by the customer, since the law on consumer goods does not regulate the sale between companies.


Returns due to poor condition of the goods or supply error must be reported no later than 24 hours after receiving the e-mail [email protected] in this case all costs shall be borne by LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COM

After this period LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COMnot be liable for any claims for this reason.


If, when you receive the order is not to your liking. You only have to tell us within the first 7 working days of receipt by sending an e-mail to [email protected] and indicating the number of your order.


In this case, freight borne by the customer, and a commission of 5% will be charged in respect of processing, handling and bank charges, the material having to be in perfect condition and original packaging, and once received LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COMy reviewed we will contact you via e-mail to finalize the refund of the item.


The right of withdrawal and / or resolution shall be excluded in cases in which, by the very nature of the assets to be acquired, it is impossible to carry out, without prejudice to the corresponding claim for damages suffered. No may return items sold as opportunities and products generally under direct order from the manufacturer. The goods must be delivered to our carrier in perfect condition, packaged in a closed and sealed envelope covering its original packaging.

If shipping out by the customer should also reach our warehouse perfectly identified.

The goods must be clearly identified and marked with the number ofBack facilitated by Customer Service. If the product is defective, LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COM be responsible for performing the replacement, at no cost to the customer. If the client would like to terminate the contract, he would discount the cost of collection.


Cancellation of Order

In the vast majority of our orders, requests for products made in factories mainly Spain and Italy. Given this fact, there is no possibility to cancel orders once shipped from the factory in the vast majority of orders. For this reason we reserve the right to accept order cancellations.

Gifts in Order

All lamps, bulbs, fluorescent tubes ... sent as a gift by LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COM along with the vast majority of products are shipped without shipping insurance. For this reason are not subject to any claim. Also any type of product to be sent as a gift also will be considered under these conditions.

Order Confirmation

Your order will be confirmed and managed after sending a customized email as notice, upon payment of your order depending on the payment method you have chosen checked. Any order is subject to management, modification or complete or partial cancellation beforeto be confirmed.


After sales service

Our sales department Online has a post-sale service to solve any problem with our products or shipments. Through him we offer a quick and efficient service. To contact you can use any of the following means:
Phone: + 34 930087968 Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 19:30 pm.
E-mail:[email protected]


LATIENDADEILUMINACION.COM reserves the right to change the contents of this website, at any time and without notice.