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Arturo Alvarez

Arturo Alvarez

Arturo Alvarez is a Spanish lighting brand recognized for its artisanal approach and innovative design. Founded by the designer of the same name, the brand stands out for its unique lighting fixtures, which combine traditional materials with contemporary techniques to create bright and expressive environments.

€1,493.10 €1,659.00
V Pendant Collection Arturo Alvarez. This design Héctor Serrano has a circular polycarbonate with two finishes available color screen. With a glass diffuser. Round finial roof made of satin-finished nickel plated...
€976.00 €986.00
Pendant lamp. It incorporates compatible with halogen bulbs, low-energy bulbs or LED bulb. Bulbs not included in the order. VV04 has been made with a screen made of polycarbonate with two color finishes to choose...
€1,538.10 €1,709.00
Floor lamp "V" design by Hector Serrano. Screen made of polycarbonate with two color finishes to choose from. With a glass diffuser. Like support body painted steel tripod. Color electronic cable with plug to choose...
€531.00 €590.00
Wall lamp designed by Arturo Alvarez. LI LI06G incorporates LED technology as a light source, two voltages available. LEDs included in the order. Designed with a composite strips of pressed cellulose available in...
€345.60 €384.00
Wall sconce. LI06 Li, designed by Arturo Alvarez, with a composite strips of pressed cellulose available in various color finishes screen. Yellow gold. Blue. White. Beige. Light Grey. Brown. medium brown. Red....
€1,319.40 €1,466.00
Pendant lamp. WOODS WD04 is composed of several rectangular tables hanging wood, BIRCH BIRCH. With a glass diffuser. Luminaire mounted on a round white base. Transparent power cable. It incorporates holder "E27 -...
€662.40 €736.00
Pendant "FLUO" Arturo Alvarez. "FL04" has a screen mesh made of galvanized steel, with two color finishes available. With the structure and ceiling rose plated steel with satin finish and stainless steel. Electronic...
€1,089.90 €1,211.00
pendant lamp Arturo Alvarez. CV04G luminaire has been designed with a circular screen made of optical glass, various colors available. It includes top and bottom diffusers. Its structure and roof finial made of...
€285.30 €317.00
Pendant lamp. Luminary "CURVES" by Arturo Alvarez Collection. CV04-1 E14 or E12 socket incorporates. Compatible with halogen bulbs, low energy or LED bulbs. Bulbs not included in the order. With a circular designed as...
€644.40 €716.00
pendant lamp "CURVES" by Arturo Alvarez Collection. With a circular screen as a diffuser made with optical glass, various colors available. Structure and ceiling rose made of nickel-plated steel with satin finish....
€1,161.00 €1,290.00
Pendant lamp. P> "VENTO VN04" designed by Arturo Álvarez with a glass screen available in 12 colors. In addition, three color combinations available. P> Structure and stainless steel ceiling rose with power...
€816.30 €907.00
Floor lamp. Arturo Alvarez design of BETY collection. Luminaire assembled with socket "E27 - 230v" or "E26 - 120v". Thestructure and support tripod mode made with stainless steel. It has a circular screen made of...
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