French design DCW Editions

French design DCW Editions



In latiendadeiluminacion already we have representative models of the brand Editions DCW French design icons that have been decorating light years.

Here Comes The Sun



Here Comes The Sun that evokes the sunset and the effect produced by the sun dip below the horizon, with different finishes and sizes that seamlessly integrate into any environment and which are timeless, are authentic pieces that speak for themselves as the center of attention of anyone who is interested in lighting designs.

With its breathy sphere shaped diffuser which serves as dusk effect Here Comes The Sun provides a diffused light and warm glare-free.



Mantis is another model of French design DCW Editions playing between balance and imbalance, with its elegant shapes that seem to defy gravity.

Delicate and elegant forms diffusers are parts that can be placed in any room, with the combination to choose the only question we can have, the classic black or gray-green colorful.

BS3 Mantis lamp has been awarded by the European Consumers Choice rating with 9.9 / 10, a lamp striking, creative and functional desk.

In short, a French design that endures over time either with suspension parts, desk lamps that defy gravity with their balances, their wall sconces in normal version or release of large dimensions that are ideal as reading lights and not to mention the floor lamps that give that warm atmosphere to all rooms.